The Home of the Best Cocoa Beans in the World

Did you know that in 17th century, Venezuela was the world’s major cocoa producer and exporter. Currently, one of the chief producers of cocoa in the world is Dominican Republic. Followed by Cibao Valley, San Francisco de Macoris and Santiago.

One of the best cocoa producers is Dominican Republic because cocoa farmers there really know how to cultivate and nourish cacao trees. This is the main reason why they have high quality cocoa beans. The country produces two types of cocoa beans. These are the Hispaniola and the Sanchez. Based on the study, Hispaniola has 4% share while Sanchez has 96% share in the country’s cocoa production .

Cocoa is considered as the market’s smallest commodity. Cocoa beans have been available to the market for several years now. Moreover, traders before was engaged into barter using cocoa products. Today, cocoa products are traded in London and New York. London market rely on the cocoa production of West African while New York market depend on South East Asia.

The operation in cocoa industry is improving. Before, it’s the middleman who closes a deal between farmer and manufacturer. Now, farmer can directly make an arrangement with chocolate manufacturer. This clearly eliminates the need and cost of having a middleman.

Here are some benefits of having a direct agreement between farmer and chocolate manufacturer:


1. Can give definite instructions to farmers. Manufacturer can even require the standard of cocoa beans that they’ll be needing in their production.
2. Gets the right quality and aroma of beans needed for their production.
3. Can ask for a bargain price for bulk orders.


1. Can meet the exact standards required by the client.
2. Knows essential details about cocoa. It is very unlikely for a middleman to know more information about the product.
3. Doesn’t need to hire a middleman to find manufacturer.
4. Will be able to get the right price for their products. No need to share their mark up price with their middlemen.
5. Can offer discounted amount of the product to chocolate manufacturers. This can help in maintaining longer and stronger relationship with clients.

Selling cocoa is the number one source of income for the families of cocoa farmers. Indeed, the most important time for them is the harvesting period. They will start to grade, weigh and prepare dried cocoa beans, then deliver all cocoa bags to their clients. This will eventually convert the products into cash!

Cocoa farmers play an important role in our society. Without themArticle Search, we can’t have enough supply of our favorite chocolates anytime!

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