Why it is Necessary to Enable the Body Get the Best Cocoa Energy to Remain Healthy

If you know about the history of cocoa, even the Mayans and Aztecs believe that these plants are the gift of God that can really provide a remarkable nutrient to the spirit. With the great health benefits of cocoa when producing supplements, you can just imagine on how effective these products in helping countless of people achieve their goal to live longer.

When compared to the available dark chocolates on the market, many people agree that the cocoa energy from the latest cocoa-based supplements and vitamins is more beneficial. In addition to offering many consumers excellent taste, these products also present a remarkable aroma that can really capture the interest of many individuals who are new to cocoa products. Of course, we cannot discount the benefits of dark chocolates also especially those made from natural ingredients too.

One of the most interesting benefits of is that it can sustain the normal level of the blood pressure. Medical experts believe that with the right amount of cocoa that the body consumes, it helps a person to eliminate hypertension. Like when cocoa powder incorporated to natural chocolates, the flavonoids it contains will help the blood pressure to normalize. On the other hand, the Polyphenols it contains can improve the functionality of the cardiovascular system for a healthier heart. Of course, it is very important to perform the right exercises and proper dieting too.

For people who have skin problems such as discoloration, they will definitely benefit from eating chocolates made from natural cocoa because the organic elements of cocoa can help the skin regain its color through enhancing the pigments. In most cases, skin discoloration can manifest when a person stays under the sun for longer period. Because cocoa presents the exact nutrient to nourish the skin properly, it can help prevent discoloration. There are also medical experts who believe that the cocoa energy can help the body defeat certain ailments and that include cancer.

Taking supplements made from organic cocoa likewise presents different health advantages, aside from containing natural vitamin and antioxidant properties. When compared cacao to green teas and red wine, they contain natural component known as phenolic. This very powerful antioxidant property can detoxify the body to eliminate the free radicals effectively. Remember that it is important to cleanse or detoxify the body to continue living a healthier lifestyle without sickness. For some health experts, they believe that compared to eating chocolate bars, drinking natural cocoa beverages is more advantageous.

Lately, one of the most serious health problems affecting many people out there is depressive disorder. This is usually a kind of dysfunction and it can bother anyone without exemption. The good thing is that we can find medicinal drugs developed in managing depressive disorders. However, some of these prescribed drugs may lead to a few unwanted negative effects to the body. To help defeat this kind of health problem, eating cacao-based supplement can help defeat such depression because this is a remarkable anti-depressant and does not trigger negative effects. The flavonoid extract that cocoa is presenting can assist the body in overcoming depression symptoms.

Cocoa flavanols lower blood pressure and increase blood vessel function in healthy people

Two recently published studies in the journals Age and the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) demonstrate that consuming cocoa flavanols improves cardiovascular function and lessens the burden on the heart that comes with the aging and stiffening of arteries. The studies also provide novel data to indicate that intake of cocoa flavanols reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

As we age, our blood vessels become less flexible and less able to expand to let blood flow and circulate normally, and the risk of hypertension also increases. Arterial stiffness and blood vessel dysfunction are linked with cardiovascular disease — the number one cause of deaths worldwide. “With the world population getting older, the incidence of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke will only increase,” says Professor Malte Kelm, Professor of Cardiology, Pulmonary Diseases and Vascular Medicine at University Hospital Düsseldorf and Scientific Director of FLAVIOLA. “It is therefore pivotal that we understand the positive impact diet can have on cardiovascular disease risk. As part of this, we want to know what role flavanol-containing foods could play in maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels.”

Cocoa flavanols are plant-derived bioactives from the cacao bean. Dietary intake of flavanols has been shown to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health but the compounds are often destroyed during normal food processing. Earlier studies have demonstrated that cocoa flavanol intake improves the elasticity of blood vessels and lowers blood pressure — but, for the most part, these investigations have focused on high-risk individuals like smokers and people that have already been diagnosed with conditions like hypertension and coronary heart disease. These two studies in Age and BJN are the first to look at the different effects dietary cocoa flavanols can have on the blood vessels of healthy, low-risk individuals with no signs or symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Cocoa flavanols increase blood vessel flexibility and lower blood pressure

In the study published in Age, two groups of 22 young (<35 years of age) and 20 older (50-80 years of age) healthy men consumed either a flavanol-containing drink, or a flavanol-free control drink, twice a day for two weeks. The researchers then measured the effect of flavanols on hallmarks of cardiovascular aging, such as arterial stiffness (as measured by pulse wave velocity), blood pressure and flow-mediated vasodilation (the extent to which blood vessels dilate in response to nitric oxide).

They found that vasodilation was significantly improved in both age groups that consumed flavanols over the course of the study (by 33% in the younger age group and 32% in the older age group over the control intervention). In the older age group, a statistically and clinically significant decrease in systolic blood pressure of 4 mmHg over control was also seen.

Improving cardiovascular health and lowering the risk of CVD

In the second study, published in BJN, the researchers extended their investigations to a larger group (100) of healthy middle-aged men and women (35-60 years) with low risk of CVD. The participants were randomly and blindly assigned into groups that consumed either a flavanol-containing drink or a flavanol-free control drink, twice a day for four weeks. The researchers also measured cholesterol levels in the study groups, in addition to vasodilation, arterial stiffness and blood pressure.

“We found that intake of flavanols significantly improves several of the hallmarks of cardiovascular health,” says Professor Kelm. In particular, the researchers found that consuming flavanols for four weeks significantly increased flow-mediated vasodilation by 21%. Increased flow-mediated vasodilation is a sign of improved endothelial function and has been shown by some studies to be associated with decreased risk of developing CVD. In addition, taking flavanols decreased blood pressure (systolic by 4.4 mmHg, diastolic by 3.9 mmHg), and improved the blood cholesterol profile by decreasing total cholesterol (by 0.2 mmol/L), decreasing LDL cholesterol (by 0.17 mmol/L), and increasing HDL cholesterol (by 0.1 mmol/L).

The researchers also calculated the Framingham Risk Score — a widely used model to estimate the 10-year cardiovascular risk of an individual — and found that flavanol intake reduced the risk of CVD. “Our results indicate that dietary flavanol intake reduces the 10-year risk of being diagnosed with CVD by 22% and the 10-year risk of suffering a heart attack by 31%,” says Professor Kelm.

The combined results of these studies demonstrate that flavanols are effective at mitigating age-related changes in blood vessels, and could thereby reduce the risk of CVD in healthy individuals. The application of 10-year Framingham Risk Scores should be interpreted with caution as the duration of the BJN study was weeks not years and the number of participants was around 100, not reaching the scale of the Framingham studies. That being said, Professor Kelm comments that “the reduction seen in risk scores suggests that flavanols may have primary preventive potential for CVD.” Other longer-term studies, such as the 5-year COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) of 18,000 men and women, are now underway to investigate the health potential of flavanols on a much larger scale.

Adding Cocoa Beans to Your Daily Diet

Including Cocoa beans in your daily diet is an easy way to give your body a healthy boost. Some benefits include:
Plenty of Antioxidants
Researchers agree that cocoa beans are one of the most natural, antioxidant-rich foods you can consume.  In fact, in its natural form cocoa beans have three times the amount of antioxidants of green tea. Antioxidants promote healthy cholesterol, protect against cell damage, and may even help prevent certain types of cancers. Those are just a few examples. All around, antioxidants are extremely beneficial to the human body.
A Natural Antidepressant
Sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Antidepressant”, Cocoa beans contain three key neurotransmitters that promote a positive mood. Serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine all work together to keep your mental state happy. In addition to this, cocoa beans also contain monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, which allow the three neurotransmitters to circulate in your blood stream longer than they normally would.
Supports a Healthy Weight
Although research is thin in this area, it is generally believed that cocoa beans help promote weight-loss. This is due to the polyphenols contained in the beans, which may improve insulin sensitivity, thus helping you maintain a proper weight.
Promotes a Healthy Heart
It is a fact that cocoa beans have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system. Cocoa beans do this by lowering the “bad” cholesterol in your blood stream and raising the “good” cholesterol levels. Cocoa beans also contain magnesium, which keeps blood free of clots, and keeps your heart pumping blood efficiently.
When consuming cocoa beans, you have a couple options. Some people choose to eat them raw, and while this is undoubtedly the most beneficial way to eat them, it is also the most bitter. Dark chocolate is a far more enjoyable way to eat cocoa beans. It would be wise to purchase a bar that contains at least 70% cocoa, and that does not contain any milkFree Reprint Articles, as milk would detract from your body’s ability to absorb the natural antioxidants.

Much Healthier Choices To Assist With Slimming Down

It’s vital to be cautious with just about all food choices whenever a person will be attempting to lose excess weight. Though, many individuals have difficulty selecting breakfast foods that help with weight loss. Frequently, this meal has to be made as well as consumed speedily, thus cereal and toast is the very first selection.

A lot of individuals find that healthy breakfast foods are easy to make beforehand and simply mix or perhaps heat once they’re needed. Healthy versions of muffins can be easily created beforehand and then thawed over night to get a fast breakfast when going to work. Many people enjoy breakfast muffins that are quite different from the standard muffin. They could be created from a kind of pastry covered with eggs, vegetables, and also spices. In the morning, they only have to be taken from the freezer and cooked properly. Others prefer to enjoy a smoothie in the morning. This could be pre-created simply by filling freezer baggies with all the ingredients. The next day, they simply will need to be taken from the baggie and blended with a little bit of milk. With a few smaller blenders, you don’t even need to pour it into a cup. Merely blend and leave. Many people like smoothies with bananas, strawberries, blueberries as well as health supplements such as chia seeds.

It’s easy to make a healthier breakfast on the move in the event you prepare your ingredients beforehand. This really is a great strategy to aid your weight reduction without needing to sacrifice your valuable time in the morning.